BCAA has recently rescued a few mommy dogs with their puppies.   Unfortunately some of the puppies have become very sick and our vet bills are piling up.    Join our fight to help get these babies healthy.   Any amount helps.

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In this corner we have Milly and her Siblings:                                    $5,000 +


Milly came to us with her two siblings, all of them were hardly standing, starving and emaciated.   Milly also had parvo and pneumonia.    She was immediately placed in vet care to have a feeding tube, glucose drips, and antibiotics for 10 days.  In addition, her siblings had to have emergency care. They required drips, antibiotics, high calorie meals and worming.    The vet bills are mounting.    If BCAA didn’t help these little ones, they would have died, now they will have a chance at a happy and full life in forever homes.

In this corner we have Scuffy & Vamp:                                              $5,000+


These cuties came with 9 brothers and sisters in total.    All of them had Giardia and Coccidia and needed treatment.  All came underweight and not feeling well.   Scuffy had to be hospitalized like Milly above.    Treatment for 9 puppies is very costly.   Each of them is getting stronger every day and soon will be looking for forever homes.

In the last corner, we have another puppy fighting parvo just like Milly in the hospital.  

We are a non-profit organization and rely on donations, we get no public funding, so through adoption fees, and fundraising events we raise the money to help these babies.   But these bills have us battling to raise money fast:  Can you help us fight the “BATTLE OF THE MEDICIAL BILLS”.   Please donate:

Donate Now!