Hi Kathleen! Just wanted to give you an update on our Molly! We went on vacation to Cape May and she was awesome!! Although she didn't like the beach at all. Dug her paws in so she wouldn't have to go near the water. Too funny!! She rides wonderfully in the car and actually took a nap on my mother in laws lap down and my mom's on the way back. She is so beautiful and we couldn't be happier.


Hi Kathleen! Can you believe Molly has been ours for a little over 3 weeks?? She is so amazing and cracks us up with her catlike antics! She is such a good girl. Our lives are so much better for having her as part of our family. She got her first bath today and behaved so well!! She still won't take treats or food out of our hand but she will take it from her food bowl. She is also timid with people yet but comes around on her own. She does growl at people she doesn't know which is okay with us!! But she would never go near them until she is ready. Our family and friends are very patient and love her too. She is enjoying the big yard and dug one hole by the fence Jake filled in so she wouldn't go out. She likes the dirt to lay on. Mornings are her big outside time....she hates to come in so we let her stay out there as long as we are home. She has water outside at all times, too, since it's pretty warm these days. She always finds a cool spot to plop and sleep!! Just thought I'd give you an update.