We lost our tri-color Basset Hound Teddy Bear in early January of this year. He was also a rescue pup at 1 1/2 yrs old and passed away at 13. We were just broken hearted. We adopted our little beagle Baby Girl at 1 yr old from our local shelter/she is now 4. She is a very mild tempered low keyed kind of girl and we wondered if we could find a good match for her. We had looked at several bassets but just did not get that special feeling you need when you know this is your 'forever pup", WE spoke to Tina, his foster mom off and on and she felt that this very special (we found out) 2 yr old black and white basset hound was for us. She thought we would all make a good match. So we arranged a place to meet and get acquainted...well it was love at first sight for him and for us!!! We named him OREO for his obvious coloring but if he was a girl we would of named him MELLOW...he sure is that. Baby Girl and he just acted like they had always been together from first meeting. Next day they were actually laying on our bed practically entwined right next to each other. OREO is a sweet sweet perfected matched to 3 of us. Every night after Teddy passed I prayed that Ted would guide us to the right pup and he sure did that!!!!!! We were thinking we needed time to get them acquainted to each other and asked if we could 'foster to adopt' but Tina got the call within 3 days that OREO was OUR little boy and Baby Girl's very best friend. My husband and I truly believe that we have been blessed that we have a perfect little girl and little boy now. The two of them are loved/loved/loved......ok maybe we pamper and spoil them but they deserve it!!!! Thank You so much for caring for our pup and choosing US to be HIS FAMILY forever and always.....oxoxoxox Cally & John