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Dogs & Cats We Have Helped

These are only a few of the animals saved and given a second chance at life. With the continued support from kind people like you, we are able to save more companion animals and give them a life every dog and cat deserves.

Although Casino & Sassy were not officially BCAA dogs, this is a success story that needs to be honored. Three of our volunteers made a commitment to save the life of these two dogs. Casino & Sassy had come into the Burlington County Shelter and were held there for 1 1/2 years under a court hold. These poor dogs were rescued from a home where they were part of a pitbull fighting ring. They had Casino on the treadmill and Sassy tied outside. His only purpose in life was to win fights and bring in money for his owner. Her only purpose was to breed and bring into this world, possible winning stock. Their owner was finally brought to trial and he lost his rights to get them back. The court case was won and the dogs were then evaluated and deemed adoptable and placed on the floor at the Shelter to be adopted. However, because they were not the prettiest dogs at the Shelter, nobody ever fell in love with them except these three BCAA volunteers and some of the Shelter workers. Casino's feet were severely damaged due to the workouts on the treadmill and Sassy had lost many of her teeth because of the poor care given to her, so her smile was a little crooked. Needless to say, they didn't get adopted from the Shelter.

When Casino and Sassy came into the Shelter, they were very timid and afraid of everyone, but by the time they left, they would let the volunteers pick them up and they would crawl up in their laps. This is a true story of dogs spirits never being broken. They were able to regain the trust in people again. For this reason, our one volunteer Sue Coculo could not allow them to be put to sleep by the Shelter when their adoption time was up. She rescued them and put them in a private kennel. Fortunately, one of the Shelter staff knew of a Pitbull Refuge in Texas. Between our three volunteers, they raised enough money to be able to send the dogs on their flight to the Refuge on May 2, 2008. This was truly a group effort and without Sue, Nina and Lindsey, Casino & Sassay would never have been able to get to their new destination. Thankfully, Casino and Sassy are not going to be another statistic and hopefully someday, be adopted from Texas.


12/18/07 This is one of BCAA's fosters that was adopted about 3 years ago, almost to the day. Her name is Shotsi (maybe some of you remember her) and she is about 8-9 years old now. As some of you know, I attend college part time and haven't been around much lately. One of my courses last semester was research methods. I had to come up with a proposed experiment and hand it in, in journal style. I selected AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy). What a great way for me to give back to my community, use my psychology background and my love for animals all at the same time.

Next semester, I have to carry out my proposed experiment. I asked Shoti's mom if I could borrow her dog because she just LOVES people and she is one of my doggie clients (pet sitting/dog walking). This morning, I took Shotsi to Pals for Life located in Wayne, PA for a temperament test and to see if they had room in their program for she and I to participate in nursing home programs and with young children at my local library (they read to Shotsi and it helps develop their reading skills in a non judgmental way) and also Deverexeau. They have autistic kids and mentally impaired clients living in a facility.

I am proud to tell you all that Shotsi passed with flying colors and they are happy to have us be a part of their team. They love the fact that I am familiar with rescue and that Shotsi is able to use her canine skills as a therapist and also spread the word on adopting from shelters. By the way, Shotsi was pulled from the BCAS Christmas Eve day by Lorraine and I as she was an owner surrender (owner went into a nursing home) and a senior. Her adoption outlook was bleak, plus the shelter was full.

Thank you Lorraine and Barb for all you do and making this possible for Shotsi.

Sheila - Foster Mom to Shotsi


I was at the shelter the day he came in, he was found looking in someone's garbage for food. Poor dog had a terrible flea allergy and was really skinny. I took him home and thought to myself, this guy will never leave here. With all his problems though he was as sweet as could be and never wanted much from me. Little did I know a young couple spotted and fell in love with him. They adopted him last November. Look at the difference in this dog now!

Hi Lorraine,

I wanted to give you a long overdue update on Dexter (formerly Kenny and before that 04-10-272). I can easily describe him in one word: Perfect. He is just an absolute dream dog. When we want to just lounge around and relax, he is happy to join us on the couch. When we want to play, he is happy to chase his tennis ball around the living room or back yard. He enjoys being on a routine and seems to be able to tell when it is time for his 2 o'clock walk.

Physically, Dexter has made quite the transformation. He was skinny and bald when you pulled him from the shelter and now he has become robust and unexpectedly furry! Around January the fur started growing and just didn't want to stop. His tail is probably 20x bigger than it used to be! He's had a dentistry and regularly sees the ophthalmologist to check on his eyes. He does seem to have some hearing loss, but responds well to hand signals. Like most old dogs, he's a bit slow going up hills and needs some assistance getting onto furniture. We've put him on some glucosamine/chondroitin to help his joints.

As far as his acclimation to our household, it has been very smooth. He is totally trustworthy when home alone and is completely housebroken. The cats have accepted him and are comfortable enough to get on the bed and sofa near him. To say that Dexter is in love with his daddy is a huge understatement. He likes me and is happy to have my company, but can't wait until Tom gets home from work. It is his favorite time of the day.

I've attached some pictures so you can see his progress. We love him very much!

- Sara

PS - Tom and Dexter recently had their picture (with photographer Elliott Erwitt) featured on both Yahoo News and in the Star Ledger.

Before After

Little Natalie was rescued from such an abusive situation. She was tied to a tree ever since she was around 8 weeks old. She was emaciated and very wobbly. A dedicated volunteer of BCAA rescued her and took her to a specialist immediately because she knew there was something very wrong with her. Upon examination by three different doctors, they all agreed that Natalie had brain damage either caused by being dropped on her head or being hit with a blunt object. Whenever she would walk, she would loose her balance and fall over. It was very difficult for her to regain her balance and many times, she would lay there and struggle to get up, but her will to live and enjoy life was extraordinary. Her foster parents constantly worked with her and after a couple of months, was adopted by a family up in Massachusetts who was willing to help in her therapy. BCAA was truly blessed in finding these special people for our "Nat-Nat".

"We are so pleased with Natalie. She is doing extremely well with everything. She is housebroken (just a few accidents), going up 3 stairs very well, I have taught her to sit and Beth (physical therapist) can?t believe the progress she?s made. Her walking has improved to the point that she catches herself if she starts to fall. The pictures I?ve attached show her using the water treadmill this helps her with balance and muscle tone. She has made many new friends at her physical therapy, one of the interns have been charting Natalie?s progress for her senior project in School. We do our homework which includes more massage, walking and cold compresses on her elbows. She has ?bursa bags of fluid? on her elbows from falling. The vet does not want to drain them at this point. With her great progress they have started to get smaller!

Natalie (Nat Nat) is having so much fun with Penny and seems to be adjusting well. They even took a rest on the same bed. They have even gone running in the woods! There is certainly nothing wrong with Nat Nat?s nose! She loves it!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and share them with all concerned. We feel Natalie couldn?t be happier!" Dottie and Mike

Quincy came into a shelter with three other dogs after the owner was forced to surrender them. They were emaciated and petrified of humans. They were in such poor health, bleeding from their open wounds from excessive scratching due to red mange. They had cherry eyes, no shots and not altered. BCAA rescued them and took them into their program. They had the medical care, along with the love and attention they needed to become companion animals. Since then, all four have been adopted out and are thriving in their new homes.
Before After

Before After

Before After

Before After

We named this fella Lance after Lance Armstrong because he was a survivor. Lance was rescued when he was a baby of 10 weeks old. His previous owners said he was kicked by a horse and that's how he broke his femur. They wanted him put down by the vet because they didn't want to spend the money to fix his injury. This poor boy didn't even have a name. His owner said he was only going to be a stud dog until he broke his leg. He lived outside in a barn amongst the horses, only to be used to make money for his owners. He had flea and fly bites throughout his body and had not been socialized with humans. BCAA rescued Lance and took him into their program. Because he was so emaciated and weak, the first priority was to get him out of pain and operate on his leg. He had two surgeries and everything was going fine, but then Lance contacted Parvo, which nearly killed him. He spent two weeks in the hospital, but he survived this ordeal. He truly lived up to his name and he is now fully recovered and is living happily in his forever home.
Before After

This little dachshund boy Rudy was rescued from a shelter where the owners turned him in, saying they didn't want him anymore. When asked why he was so skinny, their reply was he didn't like dog food. No dog, unless starved, would allow itself to get to this point even if it didn't care for the food it was given. This poor boy was tied up outside and was neglected. He was filled with worms and his ear tips were eaten by flies. BCAA rushed this dog over to their vet immediately and started treatment. They said that they had never seen a dog so emaciated like Rudy was. You could see his spine, every rib in his body and his hip bones were protruding. At one point, he couldn't keep himself balanced and collapsed from being so weak. It took months before our little guy Rudy was able to be adopted out, free of illness. He is now living in a wonderful home with a doxie buddy to play with.
Before After

Zoe's life would have ended if not for BCAA. She was rescued from a shelter where nobody would even go near her, not even the shelter staff. Zoe had been brought in as a stray and was in poor health. She had a severe case of mange that left her with no hair, she had bleeding, open wounds and scabs all over her little body. When her holding time was up at the shelter, BCAA stepped up and saved this precious little girl. She was brought directly to the vet for treatment. Zoe's foster home nursed this frail, gray colored statue-like body back to health. It took months for her to heal and become as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. She is now living in a wonderful, loving home and enjoying the life every companion animal deserves. Zoe was adopted by her foster family.
Before After

Paige Hannah Adams was found emaciated and exhausted wandering the streets at a Trenton housing project. BCAA rescued this beautiful dog and she has since been awarded her certificate as a Therapy Dog, as well as her Canine Good Citizen certificate from The American Kennel Club.

Here is Paige proudly wearing her Therapy Dog vest.
Paige won a blue ribbon at a animal rescue fund raiser event in a limbo contest. She beat out all the little dogs to boot. When it got down to 3 dogs, the other two went under the limbo pole (5 inches above ground!) but knocked it down with their tail, NOT PAIGE! She first jumped over it, the whole crowd starting laughing so they let her do it again and she crawled on her belly. When she won every one started cheering and clapping and she thought she as so cool! We got a blue ribbon and a huge bag full of goodies!
Paige Won 1st Prize for her Howl-o-ween Bullerina outfit.

Scout is a dog who spent her first 2 years at a vets office as the in-house blood donor. She was going to be put to sleep by the same doctor that kept her locked up day and night since she was six weeks old. A former employee contacted a volunteer from BCAA about Scout and came to her rescue. Despite her horrible beginning, her spirit was never broken. She is now living in a wonderful home and her new family is helping her put her past behind her.

Blazer K9 Sheriff's Officer - Blazer is a Lab mix who was so energetic, no one wanted to keep her as a pet. She was hours away from being euthanized at a Delaware animal shelter, when a New Jersey rescue group saved her. Millions of dogs are euthanized every year in the nation's animal shelters. This is the story of one of the lucky ones. Watch this heartwarming special to see how Blazer is transformed from unwanted shelter dog to K9 Sheriff's Officer.
Click Here for Video about Blazer
BCAA was invited to appear on NJN Homeless Tails with Sandi Levine to speak about our Rescue.