As Christmas approaches this year it's very empty. The last gift I can give to my girl is her memorial page. I miss you and wish you were here It's been almost a year since I realised you were so sick. I thought it was arthritis. On Christmas day you were lame yet again, I knew that day that it was something more serious than what I had thought.. I watched you for a few days like a hawk . the day daddy came home from work and you didn't get up and just wined I knew. I lost a peice of myself that day and haven't been able to get it back. on Jan 4 2014 we had to let you go. You had cancer and it was the only thing that made sence I could not let you suffer anymore, How funny is that my girl that your original owner was starving you and couldn't see the wrong in that. and yet I knew in the few signs that you gave me it was time to let you go.. We loved you and nourished you and taught you that dogs were okay. After 1 1/2 years of foster care we knew you were ours till the end. That was the day you played tug of war with Mason. To your previous owner I hope that someday you will experience the same pain that you gave to my PRECIOUS GIRL. She did not deserve to expeience the hunger that she did. To have to fight for her food to servive, She was a meere 43lbs and that was after the shelter had had her for seveal weeks.Her ears were flopped due to malnutrition. Her max weight was 85 lbs SHAME on you.Till this day you DISGUST ME. To the shelter and ACO thankyou for taking them from her. I understand why she was a shelter favorite. Lorraine I can't thank you enough!!! Without you helping me choose a foster that day I and my family would not have had the 10 wonderful years we had with Peanut. I miss her, The morning talks that she had with me and coffee at the computer her nightly greets when dad came home from work It's still empty and will be for a long time to come. My precious Peanut I miss you and as I promised you I will see you at the bridge someday. We had the courage that day to let you go and do what was right by you. Hopefully Karma will have its day too Merry Chrismas my sweet girl mommy misses you.