It is with a heavy heart that I speak of Timbers passing. 3 years ago we went to the kennel to pick up a dog that needed fostering. Little did we know that we would meet this amazing dog that we could never part with. It was immediately clear to me that he had lived a very tough life. He was fearful of everything and everyone and didn’t know how to completely relax. His bond with me however was instant. I was his source of comfort and security. At night when he would sleep, he never put down his head. I think he was so used to having to be on guard that he never truly rested. I would wake up each night to check on him and always found him staring at me as if to make sure that I was still with him. After a few weeks of having him, I woke up one night to find him sound asleep with his head finally resting on his paws. At that moment I knew he found his home and we were no longer his foster family….we were his forever family. He was a beautiful dog on the inside as well as the outside and the best dog anyone could hope for. He learned to trust and love everyone he met. We will miss his hugs and kisses, his constant show of affection and his adorable happy trot. Timber….You came into our home carrying heavy baggage filled with fear, sadness and insecurity but you left this world carrying a Louis Vuitton suitcase filled with nothing but love and happiness. We will miss you deeply. There are no words strong enough to express what you meant to us. Run free and enjoy your days, and at night when you settle in, sleep peacefully with your head down.

Ken & Denise