Hi Eileen,

I have sad news about my little man . . . he had gonna somewhat off his food -- NEVER a good indication -- and had been drinking quite a bit of water. I was getting up a couple times a nigh because he needed to go out, and he never DID like going in the house for me. When I took him to the vet, they discovered that he was in kidney failure. They send me home with shots and saline solution that I had to put under his skin -- the first time I ever had to use a muzzle on the little guy -- and told me to treat him as if he were in hospice -- he got steak and hamburers and canned tuna (he LOVED that stuff!) . . . . we had about a month together like that, but i realized the poor little guy was in pain when he snapped at me a few times because I moved him. He would feel so horrible after he had snapped -- he really came to love me, and I miss him more than I can say. I enjoyed our "walk abouts" that he learned to love toward the end of his life (he was actually the one who initiated them LOL). There will NOT be another little man like Marty (which is probably one of the things I love about doxies -- they all seem to be their own dog. I've had three now share their lives with me, and not one was like the other) (I still believe he had some chihuahua in him -- which, if he did, made him QUITE a trendsetter, because chiweenies did not become popular until he was at LEAST a middle ages man).

He had a good little life for a dog who had been given up more than once. The vet said he was about 14 years old, from what she could tell, and he had that beautiful white face with RED AS RED CAN BE ears to prove it! Quite distinguished. But, no matter how long they live, it is never long enough, is it.

He left me in February. A few weeks ago I woke up and reached over to pet him good morning before I remembered that he was no longer with me. Two days ago, he thanked me in a dream, by coming over to me and kissing my face good morning.

I thank you again for the opportunity you gave me, not knowing me and yet taking a chance on me, when you allowed me to adopt him. Should I ever decide to get another dog, it will definitely be another rescue, and one who has a few years on him or her.

Sorry to bring you the sad news, but I know you loved that little guy, too, and I wanted you to know. He was a character; not everyone was lucky enough to see what a sweetie he could be. I'm glad that you did, too.