A little over 9 years ago a series of events led Rudy to be rescued by Eileen, fostered and nursed back to health by Ann, and adopted by Nick and I. With lots of love and good care, Rudy blossomed into a healthy, happy doxie who enjoyed camping, swimming up at North Lake, vacationing at his grandparents country home and lots of quality snuggle time. He greeted us, and every day with lots of joyous vocalizations, tail wagging and wriggling! He adored us, and we adored him. Rudy's health took a sudden and serious downturn which resulted in Rudy having to leave us much too soon on June 26, 2014. We will miss all of our sweet little Rudy's daily antics, but are grateful to all the selfless people at BCAA and that made it possible for Rudy to become part of our life and family.

Nick and Linda Matteo