Name: Dani
Sex: Female          Age: Adult     Size: Large
*Has Shots   *Altered   *House Trained   

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Online Application to Adopt Dani

This dog will break your heart when you see the condition she was dropped off to the shelter in. She was so skinny, had an eye infection, all kinds of issues, not to mention she was over bred way beyond her years. She is so sweet and has had such a rough life. She is out of the shelter now and has been for a few weeks and in a foster home where she is getting the attentions she needs and putting on a few pounds. She really needs a home where someone will love her and continue to help put some weight on her. She is probably around 9 years old, but we are not sure. We know someone will fall in love with her like we have and want to help her know what its like to be loved and not used as a puppy machine. Its her time to be the puppy and spoiled. If you would like to know more about her, go to bcaaofnj.org and fill out an application or email slc0606z@aol.com with any questions

Online Application to Adopt Dani

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