Name: Emily
Breed:Hound Mix
Sex: Female          Age: Young     Size: Medium
*Has Shots   *Altered   *House Trained   

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Online Application to Adopt Emily

Emily is a beautiful girl and so sweet. She was in a shelter that was full and she was out of time. Her eyes broke our heart, and we knew we had to help her. So gald we did because she is just the most wonderful dog and so gentle. She is approx 3 years old and just 40 lbs. This is what her foster had to say about her: How do they react to meeting new people: She really enjoys meeting males. She is very friendly just a little shy when meeting someone new. For some reason she really attaches herself to men, but is also great with women. Do you consider them outgoing or shy: In between. She comes off extremely shy but when she gets comfortable in her environment she will open up more Crate training: Yes! She honestly really enjoys being in her crate when she feels anxious. Do they know any commands: She goes into her kennel on command which is really nice! What activities do they enjoy: She enjoys napping in front of my glass doors, and sun bathing. Do they have any fears (thunderstorms, fireworks, etc): She seems to get a little anxious around airplanes when they fly over and is really alert if she hears a loud noise, but nothing to serious. Describe the ideal home for your foster dog: An ideal home for Emily is probably going to be somewhere that has a laid back vibe to it. Maybe a couple or a single person. She really attaches herself to males so having a male companion would probably be better for her. (although I am a girl and she has done just fine with me she really likes male attention). She definitely needs some one who can spend a good amount of time with her. She has a lot of potential, it just takes her time to adjust. What is your favorite quality about this dog: My favorite quality is how laid back she is. She also cracks me up because somehow she finds a way to hide inside my couch and nap. If you would like to meet her, go to bcaaofnj.org and fill out an application

Online Application to Adopt Emily

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