Name: Chase
Breed:Hound Mix
Sex: Male          Age: Young     Size: Medium
*Has Shots   *Altered   *House Trained   

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Online Application to Adopt Chase

Chase is just one year old and only 40 lbs. Chase loves to play with other dogs! His favorite part of the week is when he gets to go to the dog park and see his buddies. He plays well with them and does not get overly aggressive. he is really very gentle and loves people. He is great in the car, just sits in the front seat and looks out the window. He is in a foster home with other dogs and is great with them, and even cats and can care a less about them. He loves meeting new people. He will walk right up to anyone.I would consider him pretty outgoing. Does fantastic in the crate. Has had no accidents, and does not bark. Sometimes he whines a little bit for a few minutes. We have not even been crating him lately, he is perfect in the house as long as he has lots of toys. We are working on sit with him right now and he knows "get down" and "no" He loves to run outside and play with his toys. He needs chew toys! An ideal home for would be a home with a big back yard for him to roam in with a family who is home and gives him lots of attention. He doesn't like to be alone. Also an endless basket of toys because goes through them so quick but loves them! Chase is the sweetest little dog. He very gentle and is so good with people. With some more training I'm sure he will be an outstanding companion. . He can stand on his back legs and bounces his front paws! If you would like to meet him, go to and fill out an application

Online Application to Adopt Chase

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