Name: Arkham
Breed:Black Labrador Retriever Mix
Sex: Male          Age: Young     Size: Medium
*Has Shots   *Altered   *House Trained   

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Online Application to Adopt Arkham

Arkham is a great dog, and will make a great addition to an active family. He is a black lab mix, weighs 50 lbs and is 9 months old. He is very affectionate and just wants to play with you all the time. He’s house trained and crate trained, although he may whine a little when you leave. Other than that he’s relatively quiet, unless he sees another dog walking outside while he’s stuck in the house. Once he gets outside, though, he’s very dog friendly and just wants to meet everyone, kids included! He’s only met a couple cats so far, but he seemed pretty uninterested, so he should get along with them, if needed. On top of that, he’s great in the car, being totally content to just lay down in the back seat and wait for you to chauffeur him to the next stop. He’s pretty good on a leash and not a big puller, but may need a little training so you won’t trip over him or get his leash wrapped around a tree. He’s working to fetch with a ball, but the things he really loves are Frisbees. He’s not really a chewer or into toys, but he will take a treat from anyone that is offering. In order to earn that treat, he knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and stay. While I wouldn’t say he’s high energy (he doesn’t sprint around the house), he’s definitely constant energy. He’s always looking for the next thing to do and doesn’t stay in one spot for long. That’s why he would do best with a family with several members to give him attention or a yard in which to run around. Overall, though, Arkham is a sweet, loving dog that would be a great new family member.

Online Application to Adopt Arkham

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