Name: Mary
Sex:           Age: Young     Size: Medium
*Has Shots   *Altered   *House Trained   

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Online Application to Adopt Mary

Mary is a wonderful dog. she was in a shelter and since she was so skinny and malnourished, they were going to put her down. We could not let that happen and we got her into a foster home which took wonderful care of her and was able to get her back up to normal weight and to look like the beautiful dog she is. She is appprox 3 years old and 48 lbs. She is great with other dogs, she is in a foster home with dogs of all sizes. She is very mellow and goes with the flow very easy. She loves to follow her foster mom around and lays by her feet in the kitchen while she is cooking dinner. She loves a soft comfy dog bed too. She is housebroken and does not need a crate. She loves to lay in the sun on a nice day. She is literally the best dog you could ask for. If you want to meet her, go to and fill out an application

Online Application to Adopt Mary

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