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Burlington County Animal Alliance is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Below are just some of the ways you can help us continue to save the dogs and cats in and around Burlington County. When donating, please indicate which Program you would like to sponsor.


Burlington County Animal Alliance needs volunteers to foster care the dogs and cats that we save and take into our program that run out of time in the shelters. We also need volunteers to transport animals to various locations, including other Rescues, Foster Homes, Vet Appointments and Adoption Events. BCAA has fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for our medical fund, so we can continue to save the animals of Burlington County and other surrounding areas of NJ. We also do Home Visits for each animal we adopt out and we need volunteers to help with this. BCAA also holds a weekly pet adoption day at PetsMart in Moorestown, NJ every Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. At times, BCAA fosters dogs in kennels that need to be picked up for our adoption days and also, some foster homes have multiple dogs that need to be held at these events. If you are interested in helping the Burlington County Animal Alliance, please submit your volunteer questionnaire for review.
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    No matter how hard we try, there are just not enough homes for all the shelter dogs and cats. This is where Foster Homes come in and play such a special role in saving a life of a dog or cat who would have otherwise been euthanized. Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Think about what you are giving back to a dog or a cat that has been neglected or abused or is no longer wanted. You are offering love and patience which they may have never had experienced before. By providing a safe place for them to be socialized and loved, you are adding time for this animal to be discovered by a human looking for companionship. BCAA will pay for the medical needs as authorized by BCAA. If you can foster a homeless dog or cat please submit your volunteer questionnaire for review.
  • Volunteer/Fostering Questionnaire

    If there is a particular animal on our Website that touches your heart, you can become their Guardian Angel. By donating to their foster care and medical costs, you not only help this animal physically, but, you will be part of their healing process in their heart. These abandoned animals ask for so little, but give so much in return. A tender touch, a soft voice, a good meal, or a nice warm place to put their head at night is all they want. Knowing that there is a person out there that loves them is priceless. Our Guardian Angel Program allows you to provide support for a specific dog that touches your heart.


    So many people love animals and would like to adopt, but for different reasons cannot. If you love animals, but cannot have one, you can still be a part of saving the life of a homeless dog or cat. Help stop the overpopulation of animals and become a Spay/Neuter Sponsor. By donating, you can be part of the solution.


    It is an everyday effort to keep the Burlington County Animal Alliance running - caring for, healing, loving and nourishing hundreds of sick, injured, frightened, abandoned or mistreated animals each year. It is a true labor of love, manifested over and over in a million small acts of kindness every day. BCAA does not receive any government funding. Our support comes directly from you and it goes directly to the dogs. Our gratitude to the supporters who share our philosophy and supports our efforts and goals is heartfelt. Together we are a powerful symbol of kindness, love and mercy.

    We could not save the number of dogs and cats that we do or have such an incredible effect on the lives of animals in our area if it were not for you. Please help us to continue our goals. You make this work possible and we thank you every day.


    There are so many ways in which you can help us
    continue to save homeless animals.
    Remember a loved one on their special day.
    Send us (via email) their name, address and what occasion
    and we will mail them a special card from you and list your
    name on our Website as one of our contributors.
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    *Birthday Wishes*
    *Mother's/Father's Day*
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    When making a donation to BCAA please do so by
    clicking on Donate (Paypal) or send to the address below.
    c/o Lorraine Schrieber
    7 Pioneer Lane
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